Introducing the all-new

Alpha Series

The fastest, lightest, and most-efficient ice augers ever made.

ION® Alpha Series

The Fastest

Tested and proven with over 10,000 holes in varying ice conditions during development, the Alpha™ Series is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers a best-in-class cutting speed of up to 3.4 inches of ice per second (IPS).

Up to 3.4 inches of ice per second

ION® Alpha Series

The Lightest

Alpha™ is engineered and built to provide a high-performance cutting experience, while keeping weight at a minimum. The Alpha Series is the lightest 40V auger platform on the market by far—as much as 40% lighter than competitor augers.

As lightweight as 16 lb.

ION® Alpha Series

The Most Efficient

Precision blades effortlessly glide through the ice, while a centering ring bottom ensures a perfectly smooth cut and breakthrough. Top to bottom, the Alpha™ Series is designed to make efficient use of the battery, powering the auger through up to 2000 inches of ice per charge.

Up to 2000 inches of ice per charge

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