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The Turbo™ Cutting System features a distinct, multi-edge blade design that smoothly and efficiently falls through the ice.

Perfect for both opening new holes, or re-drilling old ones with minimal resistance.



Available in 8 inch and 10 inch, Steel and Composite bit options.

Faster Cutting

Built to aggressively shave large chunks of ice with each turn, Turbo™ blades increase the average cutting speed performance of Alpha™ Series augers in both 8" and 10" bit sizes.

8 Inch Bits

10 Inch Bits

Based on over 10,000 test holes in varying ice conditions, 8 inch Turbo™ Cutting System bits deliver cutting speeds up to 3.4 inches of ice per second (IPS), while 10 inch bits cut up to 2.2 inches per second.