Lead or Follow?

Lead or Follow?

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Announcing the next generation of ION® electric augers, the all-new Alpha™ Series has been re-built from the ground up to deliver a high-performance cutting experience that's faster, lighter, and more efficient than ever before.

The Alpha Series platform starts with an all-new powerhead design. A powerful new motor emphasizes efficient power delivery, pairing with a sleek transmission to output incredible cutting power and speed. A new winged plate handlebar configuration provides a comfortable, compact, and maneuverable cutting experience that feels strong and secure in your hands, and a new variable speed trigger gives you complete control—allowing you to ease into your cut when inside a wheelhouse, or go full speed on demand.

The Alpha Series is available in six different configurations across two models, the Alpha™ and Alpha™ Plus, with each sharing a unified powerhead platform. All Alpha Series models feature a brand new Turbo™ cutting system, with a new multi-edge blade design that packs a punch. Faster cutting speeds, better battery efficiency, and further improving upon the already smooth cutting experience and breakthrough ION® is known for, 8 inch bit configurations can cut up to a blazingly fast 3.4 inches per second (IPS), and up to 2000 inches of ice per battery charge overall.

Alpha™ configurations come with a steel Turbo auger bit, whereas Alpha™ Plus configurations come with a composite Turbo auger bit. Both options are capable of delivering the same high-performance cutting specs, but Alpha Plus configurations drastically reduce the overall weight of the unit, with 8" and 10" options that weigh little more (or less) than 16lb. These are the lightest 40V augers available, delivering the fastest cutting speeds, and an efficient battery performance to last you all day—but Alpha™ Plus is also available with two batteries in the box. This doubles your drilling capacity and truly sets you up for any ice fishing experience you're seeking.

Lead or follow? The choice is obvious, with the Alpha Series available this Fall/Winter 2022.

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