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The latest lithium-ion battery technology powers ION augers through up to 2000" of ice per charge with 6Ah, 5Ah, and 3Ah battery options available. Durably built for peak performance in the cold weather, these batteries provide consistent results. Just pull the trigger and drill.


ION features the smoothest cutting and breakthrough experience. No sudden jerking movements or struggle, just an effortless glide through the ice. A centering ring evenly guides the cut of the auger through the ice, and allows you to precisely place your hole, making it the perfect choice to re-open frozen holes.


Standard on all ION models is the feature to flush the slush in your hole away. After drilling your hole, simply place the auger bottom below the ice shelf and hold the reverse toggle while drilling. Get fishing faster, and eliminate the chore of removing slush from the hole. Ideal for hard-sided fish houses.


Gas and propane augers are typically heavy and bulky, making the process of cutting several holes tiresome and changing locations difficult. With electric augers weighing 5-10 pounds less, this makes them a great lightweight alternative. ION offers a range of lightweight options, and features the lightest electric auger available, with the G2 weighing only 17 pounds.


ION features ringed cutting bottom designs that are precision-engineered to keep the auger centered and cutting evenly. You can expect a consistent, silky-smooth cut, even at breakthrough. This makes ION perfect for re-drilling old holes, and ideal for use inside a wheelhouse.


ION offers a 3-year warranty across all auger models covering not only the auger, but also the battery. ION has consistently delivered high performance for the past 8 years, and stands behind the reliability of all the critical components of an electric auger - especially the battery.